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I make and have made almost every member of the mandolin family at some point, making customised designs from long to short scale, and large to small body to suit the customer.

Standard Mandolin

This little mandolin I have been tweaking about with and refining over the years is currently the only instrument I build that could be described as a standard model. I believe its tone and clarity has reached a lovely point for a warm European-style instrument.

It comes in a variety of tonewoods and scale lengths to make it a unique mandolin.


Scale length: 13.75” or 13.875”

Nut width: 30mm

body width: 280mm

Body depth: 60mm


A favourite of mine is the copy of an early Stromberg 2-point mandolin shape. Slightly quirky with a vintage look to it, it’s not the loudest of instruments but has a lovely sweet woody tone and bags of character.

Cittern, Bouzouki and Mandola

I have a lack of up-to-date pictures for this section, but check out my Facebook page for some previous builds.

More information will be available soon. Watch this space!

For details of my full range of designs (including pricing) please contact me.

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