Guitar Bouzouki

CBOM, Guitars

Two guitar bouzoukis fresh off the bench. The Venetian cutaway is really handy for guitar bouzoukis, open tunings being what they are the use of a capo is inevitable and this lets you get right up the neck for those awkward keys!

These bouzoukis have some lovely examples of some great native species tonewoods. As environmental concerns come more into the spotlight, I think we have all started to look a little closer to home. And these are a lovely example that there are beautiful woods on our doorstep. Lacewood back and side on one paired with Swiss moon spruce on the first. And Yew paired with a nice warm cedar top on the second.

K&K pure mini pickups installed in both, these give a beautifully clear and articulate tone while being perfectly unobtrusive.


Wee Hog Tenor Guitar


During the build process this little guitar gained the nickname Wee Hog. With full mahogany back, sides and neck.

I worked closely with the customer to get all the vintage elements he loves in the instrument. From the light contrast celluloid binding to the Gibsonesque headstock and a nod to vintage Vegas with the simple star engraving.

Great fun to work on and great fun to play, are tenor guitars making a comeback? hopefully.