Tenor Guitars

Small tenor guitar

Very pleased to have been asked to build these two tenor guitars for two incredible Scottish musicians. One smaller body for CGDA tuning and one larger for GDAE. The bigger body has a richer sound and is great for accompanying singers. While the smaller of the two has a more focused sound and is well suited to holding its own in larger groups.

Large Tenor guitar

This 00 inspired tenor guitar (now in the very capable hands of Anna Massie) Is built on an Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce body. An absolute classic combo for a rich warm tone. I often like to play around with lesser used tonewoods. And particularly like to use native species where possible. But sometimes its lovely to go back to the old faithfuls.

The smaller of these two is in European walnut and western red cedar. Now with Alasdair Paul from the mighty Pons Aelius. It was great to work with Alasdair, he shares my love of vintage tones and more obscure instruments. This instrument has a cylindrical back rather than the more common domed. It really helps focus the sound, particularly in the higher registers. Keen to build more tenor guitars in the not too distant future. Give me a shout if you have some ideas you'd like to explore.

Electric Tenor Guitar


I’ve have long wanted to build an electric. Having not made any since my days back at the Galloup school. Not wanting to get involved in anything too mainstream. I jumped at the chance to build this electric tenor guitar when asked to buy a customer.

The concept was simple, build a small tenor which is easy on the hands for a customer struggling with double courses. The rest was up to me.

Heading down the route of a drop top, I saw this piece of Walnut from Conway tonewoods and was sold! The tenor guitar body itself has some large cavities internally to help cut down weight. As well as a slight arch to the top. This is largely for comfort and to stop it feeling like a big lump. Something which as a predominantly acoustic player, I often find of electrics.

The rest of the body was built around these Seymore Duncan vintage mini humbuckers. The best fit for a small electric tenor guitar. They sound incredible! There is something really unusual and lovely about suddenly having all the sustain in he world for a tenor guitar. An instrument usually reserved for choppy chords and quicker melodies.

This was so much fun to play, I confess I had a hard time giving it up to the customer.

seymore duncan mini vintage
Guitar f-hole
Electric tenor guitar

Guitar Bouzouki

CBOM, Guitars

Two guitar bouzoukis fresh off the bench. The Venetian cutaway is really handy for guitar bouzoukis, open tunings being what they are the use of a capo is inevitable and this lets you get right up the neck for those awkward keys!

These bouzoukis have some lovely examples of some great native species tonewoods. As environmental concerns come more into the spotlight, I think we have all started to look a little closer to home. And these are a lovely example that there are beautiful woods on our doorstep. Lacewood back and side on one paired with Swiss moon spruce on the first. And Yew paired with a nice warm cedar top on the second.

K&K pure mini pickups installed in both, these give a beautifully clear and articulate tone while being perfectly unobtrusive.


Wee Hog Tenor Guitar


During the build process this little guitar gained the nickname Wee Hog. With full mahogany back, sides and neck.

I worked closely with the customer to get all the vintage elements he loves in the instrument. From the light contrast celluloid binding to the Gibsonesque headstock and a nod to vintage Vegas with the simple star engraving.

Great fun to work on and great fun to play, are tenor guitars making a comeback? hopefully.